Online tool for coordinating helpers and shifts on large events

Coordinate your helpers in teams, assign them to work shifts or let them decide for themselves when and where they want to help with what.

Engelsystem installation (GitHub)

requires PHP >=7.4 and MySQL >=5.7.8 or MariaDB >=10.2.2


  • Manage helpers, teams, rooms, shifts, news and meetings
  • Available in English and German (translatable)
  • Supports any event size: from a few dozen helpers to thousands
  • Comprehensive shift overview with filters
  • Import shifts from multiple instances of Frab or pretalx
  • Export shifts to iCal
  • Presence management
  • Reward system
  • Messaging system
  • Question and answer system
  • Team descriptions in Markdown
  • Detailed log about all changes
  • OAuth 2 Support (Open ID Connect) with multiple identity providers


If you find a software bug, or have a problem with installing your own angelsystem, please open an issue on GitHub:

If you need an angelsystem for a Chaos event, please e-mail:


More documentation can be found at and on GitHub.