Errors on the SSO / OAuth page

Please reconnect your account again in a few minutes as this can happen when the platform gets an upgrade.

If the problem still persists, please contact the heaven via "Ask the Heaven"

How can I contact the heaven during the event?

We'll try to be available 24/4 during rC3. But our core working hours are 10:00 to 24:00. Depending on your request you can contact the heaven via:

  • Mail: ticket@c3heaven.de (preferred for tasks and requests)
  • Ask the Heaven (preferred for Engelsystem and Angel related questions)
  • Phone: 1023 (on Eventphone) for urgent questions

Preheaven (before the event officially starts) is reachable:

How can I find general information about the event?

The rC3 Infodesk has prepared an FAQ at https://links.rc3.world/infodesk

How can I get marked as arrived?

You can use the link on the Ticket page to register your account for the rC3 platform.

If you already have an Engelsystem Account:
Go to Settings > Single Sign-On and connect with rc3 world.

If you do not have an Engelsystem Account:
Go to the login page and click on "Login with rc3 world". You will be automatically marked arrived.

I haven't served as an Angel or been to Congress before, but would love to help. What do I need to do?

Welcome to the chaos. To become an angel please start by registering in the Engelsystem. There you can find descriptions of angeltypes. If your skills match one or more descriptions and it sounds fun for you to help join the angeltypes and click shifts. Read the news in the Engelsystem regulary and join the angelmeetings to get to know other angels and get the newest updates. You can also visit us in the heaven on the rC3world.

I was an angel last year. Why is my Engelsystem login not working anymore?

The Engelsystem is shut down after each event and because of the data minimization principle we are not keeping the database of angels. Please create a new account for this event via the registration button.

I would like to join a restricted angel type. What do I need to do?

Just click on "join" and follow the instructions given by the Engelsystem. To get confirmed it might be mandatory to go to an introduction meeting or to contact the supporter of the angel type. The meetings will be announced in the news section. The supporters of the specific angeltype are listed below the description of the type.

In the registration form there is a field "Planned arrival day". As it is a remote event I might not be present all the time. What do I set as arrival date?

Also on a physical event you don't need to be on the site all the time. Just set the date to your expected date of participation.